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Proofs will be online for 30 days for viewing and ordering. If you do not see your proofs online, please contact us.
All proofs are not the final product. We provide exceptional quality to our clients, so the proofs you see will not be the high-quality images you will receive. We usually do not retouch proofs because we know you are anxious to see your images - that is why we repost images within days of the photography session/event.
We keep all photos and designs archived so if you need to see and/or purchase any of your images, we can repost them free of charge for an additional 30 days.
We ask that you respect our copyright and do not copy any images off of our website. By going to our proofing/ordering site, you acknowledge that you will adhere to our copyright rules. Any images found copied from this website or scanned from prints will be subject to a $50 charge per image.
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